Micargi Slugo SS 26" Shimano 7-speed Fat Bike/Beach Cruiser (Matte Black with Black Rims)

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The Slugo SS is a 7 speed version of our popular Slugo Monster Tire model. It comes equipped with huge 26 x 4.0 wheels and tires, High rise bars and a super comfy saddle. The 7 speed drive train from Shimano makes cranking these cushy tires as easy as their skinny counterparts. With front and rear disc brakes, stopping is as easy as going.

Now, if you like fat things, then you'll be super-psyched to own and ride this behemoth. Some people even slap motors on these babies, which is really cool, as long as you don't like warranties.

Recommended for humans 5'0" to 6'4" tall & 330 pounds (or less).

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